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Henan Victory Industrial Co., Ltd is stick in scientific and technological in novation, integrating the merits of similar products, cooperating with China'S Buiding Materials Institute and Henan University and learning from Germany, the United states advanced technology, has successfully developed a series of energy saving and waste-light wallboard machines,gypsum wallboard molding machine and art-fence machine.

Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed Concrete is an architectural and structural material possessing great strength. The unique characteristics of prestressed concrete allow predetermined, engineering stresses to be placed in members to counteract stresses that occur when the unit is subjected to service loads. This is accomplished by combining the the best properties of two quality materials: high strength concrete for compression and high tensile strength steel strands for tension.Actually, prestressing is quite simple. High tensile strands are stretched between abutments at each end of long casting beds. Concrete is then poured into the forms encasing the strands. As the concrete sets, it bonds to the tensioned steel. When the concrete reaches a specific strength, the strands are released from the abutments. This compresses the concrete, arches the member, and creates a built in resistance to service loads.

Prestressed Concrete Beam
Prestressed or pretensioned before 
it leaves the plant, a slight arch or 
camber is noticeable. Energy is 
stored in the unit by the action of 
the highly tensioned steel which 
places a high compression in the
 lower portion of the member. 
An upward force is thereby 
created which in effect relieves
 the beam of having to carry its 
own weight. 

The upward force along the length 
of the beam counteracts the service 
loads applied to the member. 

Ordinary Concrete Beam
Even without a load, the ordinary
 concrete beam must carry its own 
considerable weight - this leaves 
only a portion of its strength 
available to resist added loads. 

Under service loads, the bottom 
of the beam will develop hairline 

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