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Pillar concrete making machinery / Colum machine

Detailed Product Description

Its an automatically concrete hollow core slabs foming machine ,working with high producitvity and good precision
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Henan Victory Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional producer of pre-stressing concrete hollow core slab forming machine. It characters are as bellow: suitable design, easy for operation and maintenance, durable spare parts etc. With smooth surface, solid construction, high strength and precise dimension, the hollow core slab meets all the national specification requirements required. The concrete core slab forming machine is easy to maintain and repair, and is also the production of high-strength concrete structures, good quality, smooth surface geometry accurately. Our company can design and manufacture various kinds of concrete structures molding equipment according to customers' demand.
Machine feature: 
Machine name :PILLAR  MACHINE
Size of goods producing :more thick
Productivity :1.2-1.4m/min
Making holes at :4pcs
Holes diameters :30mm
This pillar machine ,each of time producing the product at four pieces,more valubale,good edging finished.after the floor going to try then can using already.
  Different pillar machine making the product shape was different ,and size can depnding on cosotmer needs and producing .
Machine the most advantage is automatically working,not wasing lost of electricity ,low nosie.can working with any kinds of Grinder,Cargo Carier,Material mover and burden machine cutter also .

Working principle:
In the concrete base on machines, motor powered by reducer drive, connecting the slider, using the straight-line movement, reciprocating materials will be pushed into the mold. Extrusion, and external vibration, make concrete structure, achieve high plasticizing, at the same time, using slider close-grained pushed raw materials produced reaction, make whole overcome frictional prestressed steel slide along the line, after forming machine, several purlin , after the solidification, maintainantence cut the size that needed.
1.Model TW130*130*4 Concrete pillar making machine
2.Motor power 7kw Vibrator power 1.5kw
3.Molding speed 1.2-1.4m/min
4.Number of holes 4pcs
5.Holes diameters φ42mm
6.Steel diameters φ4.5-5mm
7.Finshing pillar width 130mm
8.Finshing pillar thickness 130mm
9.Finshing pillar lenth 5m
10.Machine diamension 2100*820*75mm /84"*33"*3" L*W*H

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