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Hydraulic wall Panel Making Machine


VC-3 and VC-4 Hydraulic Wall Panel Making Machine with Automatic temperature control (electricity, water, gas can be heated), automatic clamping, the high degree of mechanization, with an annual output 6 million square meters wall / year.
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1. with Plastic pipe core pipe, erosion-free, electric pumping tube, butted without time limit.
2. Thickness, length can be adjusted, this machine can produce various size wall board.
3. Automatic clamping, automatic temperature control.
4. Low cost, simple operation, easy maintenance.
5. High Mechanical degree, high precision in double-sided molding, accurate thickness and good flatness.
6. With few labors, small working occupation, flexible, can be used for on-site production.
7. We providing a full set of production technology, formulation, installation and construction technology and technical inspection data, certificates and other train services and set up factories, the equipment has been identified by scientific and technology, this hydraulic wall panel making machine was designated as the famous product by government.

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