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pLightweight extrusion wall panel forming machine

Detailed Product Description

Types: 90*600,100*60,120*600,150*600,180*600 2 workers' labor is enough
Wall  Panel Lightweight Making Machine
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Panel machine configuration

1. Model : HQJ 120*600 Model
2. Producing boards height=90mm ,width=600mm,the mould standard lenth is 3.5m .also can producing 120mm /180mm/200mm height board ,but using the mould lenth depending on the cosotmer rquest.
3. Control system by the working panel (automatically)
4. Material supporting:flyash and pearlite....
5. Vertical shape mould and pouring material ,board with good flatness and good precision of the size of plates.
6. Position of fiberglass easy to control, can give full play to the role of plank, strengthen and mechanical properties of high intensity index.
7. The equipment is simple, practical production process area small, flexible and can be used for the site.
8. Hydraulic mould open-close with automatic temperature control, greatly reduce the labor intensity.
9. Plastic core pipe ,flusing free the electric pumping pipe without time limit .
10. According to customer's need ,we can design a pipeline which can product lingweight slabs get 2millons square meter to 5millons square miters.

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